Summer 2019 - Wedding Magic, Summer Parties, and Snappy Celebrities

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Posted on 26th Jul 2019 17:39:07

Hi all

A lot has happened since my last Blog Post back in February! Keeping an up to date blog is harder than you think. You automatically forget about it and realise half a year has gone by in a blink of an eye!
The last post was about the Snappy Ball. I still have fond memories of this. This time I have included some photos, including my performance to the legend that is Tommy Cannon, who loved my magic. Also, to several of the Emmerdale cast – Karen Blick, Nicola Wheeler, and Chris Chittell. If you watch Emmerdale, I’m sure you know who they are.

During that month I also graduated from the University of York with an MA in Early Modern History! 2 years of stress all finished!.

Now we are truly into the summer months and this is the time of weddings and BBQ parties. A magician at your wedding a something that many feel an unnecessary expense, but it can help in many ways.

It can fill that time between the drink’s reception and the wedding breakfast. A time when people are mingling around, where people might not know each other. I can help break the ice and fill in this time with some amazing close-up magic. I can also perform during your wedding breakfast, bringing my amazing magic to your table, where with my likeable charm (so people tell me!) I will bring laughter, shocks and fun between courses

Summer parties are another event where magic can provide entertainment. Maybe you are having a garden party with people mingling around again. I can walkaround the event performing magic and get people talking!

Please feel free to get in contact for more details and to book an amazing wedding magician.

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